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Owner's Rep

Seize control of your capital programs and construction projects with PRIVV, from planning through turnover, to achieve the best possible outcomes with your capital resources. 

Streamline Capital Project and Program Management

Top-tier owners are teaming up with PRIVV to enhance communication and execution across their capital programs and projects. This collaboration yields high-performing assets delivered punctually and within budget, alongside valuable data for ongoing improvement initiatives. 


Enhance Project Effectiveness

Utilize past project data to inform better decision-making and continuously enhance your capital project delivery.


Streamline Project Expenditure Management

Maximize the value of your budget through efficient management, facilitated by our simplified processes for budget creation, changes, and adjustments.


Oversee International Project Teams

Facilitate international projects and programs with solutions supporting multiple currencies and languages.



Embrace Your Strengths

Align PRIVV's technology with your business model and implement tailored workflows to enforce your internal best practices.


Effortlessly Handle Your Capital Portfolio

Efficiently oversee projects of varying sizes and complexities through a customizable project hierarchy within a unified interface.

Mitigate Risk Across Projects 

Attain timely visibility to promptly address risks of delays or alterations through efficient change order management and data-driven insights.

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