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Higher Education

PRIVV's collaborative construction project management platform facilitates every stage of a capital project, aiding in the development of cutting-edge campuses.

Revitalized campuses foster student engagement. 

Universities and colleges can effectively oversee the entire construction process, from defining scope and managing costs to ensuring timely completion, high quality, and alignment with objectives. This holistic approach aims to create purposefully designed spaces for both students and faculty.


Keep Projects on Track

Identify possible obstacles, mitigate risks, and adapt to changes to ensure timely project completion before the start of the semester.


Ensure Funding Compliance

Streamline the intricate task of overseeing diverse funding sources to effectively monitor audits, prevent penalties, and safeguard funding.



Enhance Program's Lifespan

Gain comprehensive support for the entire life span of your higher education capital programs, including planning, design, procurement, construction, and turnover, with accessible solutions.



Handle a Variety of Projects 

Customize your higher education project management software to align with your unique policies, regulations, and processes, catering to a diverse array of project or program combinations.


Embrace Flexibility 

Gain the flexibility required to adjust your program management software according to the evolving needs of students, faculty, and alumni.

Achieve Unprecedented Collaboration

Elevate project team communication to new heights. Empower each team member to seamlessly exchange information and take ownership of their data.
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