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PRIVV's collaborative program and project management solutions support education construction project teams in enhancing transparency, improving efficiency, and minimizing risks, resulting in consistently superior project outcomes.

Intelligent building leads to student success. 

School districts can efficiently manage every stage of the construction process, from defining scope and controlling costs to ensuring on-time completion, excellent quality, and alignment with objectives. This comprehensive approach is geared toward creating purposefully designed spaces for both students and faculty in K-12 settings.


Maintain The Schedule 

 Gain the insight required to spot potential setbacks, mitigate risks, and be ready for changes, reducing the hefty expenses associated with construction delays and ensuring project completion prior to the semester commencement. 


Ensure Funding Compliance.

Streamline the intricate task of overseeing various funding sources like bonds, tax revenues, grants, and endowments to prevent audits, penalties, and funding loss.


Optimize Program Lifecycle.

Tailored for school construction projects, Privv offers comprehensive support across the Planning, Design, Procurement, Construction, and Turnover stages, ensuring seamless management throughout your capital program's lifecycle. 


Enhance Transparency of Data

Central data repository, robust project controls, dashboards, and real-time reporting to streamline audit procedures and enhance project status reporting to the Board.

Hit The Ground Running 

Accelerate time-to-value with PRIVV's education construction management software. Get operational in just days, thanks to our modern, intuitive user experience that promotes high levels of user adoption.

Handle a Variety of Programs

Whether it's small-scale school renovations or extensive, intricate capital programs, PRIVV offers the flexibility to tailor to your unique policies, regulations, and processes, allowing strategic management of any project or program mix.
Resources on K-12 Capital Projects. 

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