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About Us

Our Story

Privv’s origin story is a tapestry of innovation, collaboration, and visionary leadership.

Ville Houttu, a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Privv, brought his extensive experience in software and SaaS, along with a successful track record from his previous venture. Joining forces with Chris Nations, whose two decades in capital project management complemented Ville’s expertise, they founded Privv. This platform, designed to streamline every phase of capital projects in education, reflects their combined proficiency and vision. Their journey, marked by recognition in prestigious forums and a commitment to excellence, has transformed Privv into a beacon of efficiency and a testament to transforming complex challenges into streamlined solutions in the educational sector.




Navigating the complex world of construction project management shouldn't require an advanced degree. That's why, at Privv, we took it upon ourselves to create a platform so user-friendly that even without a background in construction, you can become proficient with just an hour of training. We believe that simplicity shouldn't compromise power, and with Privv, a couple of mouse clicks can seamlessly transition you from a macro view of all your projects to a micro view of any specific undertaking.

Our commitment to user empowerment extends beyond ease of use. We understand that support is paramount. That's why our world-class support team is here for you, ensuring that assistance is just a call or email away. It's a promise we make and stand by—setting us apart from competitors who can't offer the same level of ongoing support.

Choosing the right construction project management software is like choosing a long-term partner. We recognize the stakes involved, as the consequences of a wrong choice can be both frustrating and expensive. Statistics speak volumes, with 39% of capital projects failing due to poor planning and a staggering 73% significantly exceeding their budget. Privv is not just a software; it's a commitment to helping you defy these odds, providing a reliable ally in the often challenging landscape of construction project management. Your success is our success, and we're here to ensure your journey is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Our Vision

Backed by industry veterans with years of experience in the field, we identified a critical gap in the project management solutions available for educational institutions.

The need for an owner-centric platform was clear—a tool that could leverage the collective knowledge and expertise our team have honed over the years.

Thus, Privv was conceived with a purpose: to empower users, from junior-level professionals to seasoned experts, to manage projects of all sizes with the acumen and confidence of multiple senior project managers.


Our Passion

We are inspired by the goal of providing an owner-centric platform that transcends conventional limitations. Our passion lies in empowering users across all levels, from aspiring professionals to seasoned experts, with the collective knowledge and expertise cultivated by our team. Through Privv, we aim to instill the acumen and confidence of multiple senior project managers, allowing individuals to navigate and excel in projects of any scale.


Our Values

We take pride in going above and beyond for our customers, colleagues, and community. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Building real, trusting relationships and spreading positive vibes
  • Doing things that make a lasting impact, not just transactions
  • Tackling today's problems to help our customers create a better tomorrow
  • Fearlessly working towards a brighter future for everyone involved

Our approach is like your long-lasting projects - no hard sells or shortcuts. We're all about creating lasting partnerships based on trust and value.

But hey, don't just take our word for it. Let us show you what we're all about in action.


Complete project oversight

Reduce project risks



Dashboards provide updates and risk assessments at a glance, so you can easily check that work is going according to plan.



The representative timelines suggested by Privv are based on averages from projects worth more than a billion dollars over the past 20 years. When something is at risk of falling behind schedule – or a dependency has not been met – Privv automatically red flags it for follow up.



The software also stores all project documentation, so you can say goodbye to filing cabinets and office clutter. This helps to ensure that documents required for meeting regulatory requirements are not misplaced or overlooked.

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