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Capital Project Management. Streamlined.

Privv is the only project-management tool designed specifically for higher-education and K12 facilities. With Privv your capital projects stay on budget, meet deadlines, and deliver exceptional results every time.

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Education construction projects are complex and challenging. 

Project managers responsible for capital improvements at education facilities often lack the right tools for the job. Some use software designed for a different use. Others build their own incomplete solutions.  

A tool is only helpful if the user knows how to operate it, or knows how to do the job that requires the tool. That’s what sets Privv apart from other project-management platforms: it comes with the know-how built in.

Privv is a comprehensive guide for navigating the complexities of large capital-improvement projects, so you can focus on what you do best: providing world-class education and outstanding facilities for the students. 

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By counting on Privv, you can cut the inauguration ribbon on time and be assured that improvement capital is used efficiently.

Everything you need

Generate Automated Estimates and Forecasts

  • We've collaborated with industry experts to infuse Privv with capital-project knowledge and automation capabilities. Even if you're new to the world of higher-education capital projects, you can confidently navigate the complexities.
  • Our software enhances cash flow projections, equipping project managers with effortless financial insight. Budget estimates are automatically calculated, giving you a reference point for sourcing bids from suppliers.
  • We’ve built the Construction Cost Index into the software too, so any changes in material or labor costs are immediately accounted for. 
  • Privv also creates the project schedule, with dashboards visualizing cash-on-hand, contingencies, pending approvals and more – helping you to stay on track.

Benefits from start to finish

Improve Process Efficiency

By eliminating the need for extensive training, reducing the labor required, and streamlining project-management processes, Privv empowers organizations to make significant savings in both time and money. Decision makers can count on funds being used wisely to create new facilities for students and faculty members to enjoy.

Thanks to Privv’s automation features, a single project manager can handle far more capital-improvement tasks in a given year. We estimate an average efficiency improvement of up to 300%

Accurate resource allocation brings sustainability benefits too. By correctly calculating material quantities and estimating project schedules, Privv keeps waste to a minimum. Project owners can also explore the tax benefits of meeting environmental targets.



Seeing is believing

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Complete project oversight

Reduce project risks



Dashboards provide updates and risk assessments at a glance, so you can easily check that work is going according to plan.



The representative timelines suggested by Privv are based on averages from projects worth more than a billion dollars over the past 20 years. When something is at risk of falling behind schedule – or a dependency has not been met – Privv automatically red flags it for follow up.



The software also stores all project documentation, so you can say goodbye to filing cabinets and office clutter. This helps to ensure that documents required for meeting regulatory requirements are not misplaced or overlooked.


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